Moving from Windows to Linux

Why I did chose Linux on Windows?

Here is a list of my personal experience, with which I was totally satisfied!

  1. Linux is a kind of system, where the physical specifications of your computer do not play a great role! in other words, Linux Distros were made to run even the weakest computers, with minimum RAM and very slow CPU, myself running a Linux Mint on an average notebook, you can surely notice some lateness doing some functions but that will not affect the quality of your everyday work! so, If you have an old computer, don’t throw it away!!!
    Refresh its heart with a suitable distribution of linux
  2. Unlike Windows, in linux all programs are free that includes the system itself and the office package, so with linux you just forget about buying or not finding a particular program for your needs.. just give it a try and search deeper, you will always find analogous
  3. In linux, by couple of clicks or command lines the programs will be installed onto your computer and ready to work, forget about serial numbers or cracks or even configuration , this system is SMART believe it or not )),
    the same way back, you don’t want a program? just couple of commands in the terminal window will guarantee a complete deletion of the program without leaving any bothering empty folders here and there as we usually see in windows system
  4. For developers and programmers, linux provides a great environment with a complete support for (PHP – Python – JS – CSS … etc)
  5. To those who are obsessed in security and privacy, Linux provides the greatest package called “Tor Project” installing the former package will allow you to surf in the internet anonymously with the ability to change your location by a click
    in addition, in Linux it is very rare to catch a virus, even for the autorun malwares and viruses those which are common in USB flashed, You are safe here!! ))
  6. I’ve been using Linux for about two years, and till this moment I have never suffered from Adwares, and never been unable to delete unwanted program such as those spread in windows.

Well, the list goes on and on, so if you want my advice, the best lesson you can ever learn is the one that you try.. so, go ahead and catch a linux distro that is compatible with you and run it on your computer, try to read some guide books such as: Introduction to Linux and Teach yourself Linux in 24 hours
I believe if you Google that, lots of books you will find ))

Good luck )))


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