Why coding is that important?


In the last 10 years, coding and computer sciences have taken their way into the best paid 10 jobs world wide, computer sciences lately invaded all aspects of our lives, that imagining our lives without (a morning check of the email inbox, reading the head lines in the bus while heading to the office or the school, Googling the nearest or best served restaurants in the area) is becoming so difficult or even unbearable for most of us.

These are facts, because technology has made our lives easier by reforming our habits to what they are now, so simply why not? I mean sure a lot of parents are complaining about the many hourse their children are sitting in front of the computer wasting time and energy on video games or some, poor IQ things including (chatting for no purposes), But why don’t we ,for instance, invest our time and the time of our children in something that both can return a good income in the future and make us think ,let us say, in a different way!

That what coding or programming about. Not very long ago, I read a topic about new subject being taughted in the schools of the United Kingdom, guess what that subject was about??

Yep, it is about coding and programming, well the two concepts are not different so I’m gonna stick for now with “programming” since “programming” is more widely recognized by the general.

Programming languages are all “partly” the same, so for example we have “Python” and “PHP” the both languages have almost the same functions for example the function of “loop” or in general the “cycling” is when you ask the program to “cycle” the same command over and over again until a particular case was breaked, in simple words:

When the temperature is below 0 start warming up
//Computer will start to warm up the surrounding each time for +1 again and again
When the temperature is over 0 stop heating
//Computer will stop to heat the surrounding and get out this loop

This does not sound very reasonable, but it is just an example of the “loop” thing, so back to my point in both the former languages “Python” and “PHP” this is established by a function called “while”

The main point here is that in different languages the functions are the same, the difference is in the Syntax or the form of writing, so .. Calm down if you are not comfortable with a language, because moving on to the other should not make a big trouble.

You could say why should I program or learn how to program since nowadays, most things are done by other programmers?

Well, that is not quite correct, because every man is individual, so that leads to → my ideas are not the same as yours, and your ones are absolutely different from my brothers and keep on …

You simply can wake up on a sunny day with a simple idea that just needs to be realized, couple of codes, some functions an appropriate algorithm and You Got It !!! Believe it or not, I’d seen already.

The hard part is to invent a thing, developing it will come over time ))

I’m sure there are thousands of thousands of articles in the internet about programming, you could ,as I always say, Google it. I’m trying here to pass my view of point to you and others, and just keep it in mind.

Facebook and Microsoft Windows were one day no more than IDEAS..


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