Clouds and Anonymity


“Are we safe in the virtual world?”

it has been one of the most asked questions lately?! especially when stories such as “Snowden’s” were revealed to the public, that is about what we know, and God only knows the stories that did not make it into the light!!

A lot of people will come to say:

“well, I don’t have important information for nuclear weapons to be obsessed with security and afraid of loosing it”

-Believe me or not, you should be afraid! or at least the problem of security should concern you even a little bet, imagine if one day all your credit card numbers were stolen somehow! ok! well, don’t go so far, let me first tell you about couple of things as an expert in the computers!

I’m sure you guys somewhere have heard the word “cloud”, well to be precise I’m not talking about the weather right now :p the “cloud” is a word used to describe a technology that saves all the data ,that used to be saved onto our Hardwares, USB-flashes, Disks, DVDs, BlueRays … etc, in one place, where you can reach them by couple of clicks from any device, so yes, all your data will be carried with you, and all what you need is just a decent computer connection to the internet so you can fetch your data correctly!

now, from one point of view this sounds terrific, I mean no need to carry the laptop or the computer where I go, just take the Tablet or your I-phone and you are ON!


take a breath and think quietly..


I’m not an “Ally” of the conspiracy theory, “I think that is a Psychological Disorder”, but let us be realistic,

I will tell you, all the data is being saved in some “Data Reservoirs” somewhere on our planet, each company has its own buildings to save its clients data and the most important thing is that they have the permission to reach you data, they will give you words about confidentiality but you will never be sure whether they already have seen ,or not, your information.

I’m taking the issue from one aspect, not including, the archiving or search habits or  … those can be used to generate a clear image of your personality!!

So, the bottom line here, I’m not telling each one of you to be obsessed or to cut down the internet nor the searching habits, I’m trying to take the whole picture and not be naive, at least try to minimize the usage of the cloud’s technology and do not save any kind of critical information on it, because even , controversially, if we took for granted that our data is saved safely by the companies, be sure that ONLINE , hackers will always find their way to these clouds,such as what has happened for the “iCloud” recently, I mean why NOT! one BUG and thousands of thousands of users will be vulnerable.


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