“If you want to win, Stick to the basics!”


I’ve heard this sentence in “Grey’s Anatomy”, I can’t remember the season or the episode of course, but the phrase was said by the chief while he was speaking with Cristina.

I was lately struggling with a pile of codes on one of my projects, then it came into my mind, I believe it does make sense! well, let’s talk about medicine for example, since I’m a medicine student, you cannot even think about clinics “Correctly” or about pathology if you were not aware of the basic anatomy and physiology and a bit of histology, since these three subjects make the fundamental base of rest of the subjects such as pathological anatomy!!

so, yea, it is that simple, no knowledge in the basics => blur knowledge in the whole thing!! and that may even lead to a failure at some point which scares the heck out of me, accidentally skipping a specific point 😮

let’s take it in programming for example, I work in web-developments for about 6 years, and the only thing that counts is the “BASICs”, I always in every single program start with such simple functions, the absence of which will lead the whole program to an absolute “FAIL”
Even for “Frameworks” and “Template Engines”, they surely ease the work, especially by the presence of a team work, but for me personally, it makes the work more complicated, so it would be much simpler to go for “plain PHP” instead of going through bunch of commands and functions in “template”, or even going through “strange framework”, for me it is simpler to start my own functions beginning from “NULL” rather than “Trying to figure out” what the function in the “framework” is about..


After all that’s just me )) and people differs in the their opinions!!


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