Differences in test techniques between Russia and United States

“There should be changes in the examination techniques in the Russian universities”
Since I’ve studied in different places, I came to face various systems of testing, some of them were directed towards saving by heart the material to be tested “French system – very stupid method”, others worked on enhancing the ability of memorizing the material ,by what I call a “multiple choiceS question”, which I think is one of the most unreliable ways to test the knowledge of a student, I believe they were trying to copy (in my university) the American system of “multiple choice question” but they ended up by adding their finger-print so, as we know the “multiple choice question” is working by testing a question’s knowledge by giving multiple choices of which a ONE answer is THE MOST CORRECT, in this case surely we expect a good knowledge of the material, understanding, obviously because the answers are most likely to be very close!

In the Russian modified version of this system, each question has multiple choices of which 3 or 4 are correct!! in case you missed one, that’s it, the question is considered as NULL and you are in your way to fail your test.
I mean seriously, who doesn’t forget a detail?? it is very frequent for students to drop one choice or one answer out of 4 correct ones! That ,in my point of view, is absoloutly unfair nor helpful!! And the whole system is a fail, because it will not enhance you to work on understanding the material as much as on saving by heart and by mind the correct variants of the the answers of the question. So as a consiquence if a case differs a little bit the student will not be able to realize the circumstance and give a logical answer, surely because he is saving a “TEMPLATE” which can fit only a particular question.

This is my opinion at least, and I’ve been struggling with this system for 6 years, and thank God my suffer won’t last for long, by the end of July I’m expected to finish my 6th year in the medical faculity.
I can’t consider saying my opinion in the university because no one cares absoloutly what a student thinks, but I believe that a day in which I will get the chance to make different will come, and say my opinion out loud without being afraid of suspension or failing my exams.


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