From Russia to Turkey through Georgia with LOVE

In the last month I had to take off to Turkey in order to deal with some issues there, and we decided to take the land-way “traveling in the car” and passing more than 2000 km, having the opportunity to refresh our minds and relief our souls in a trip that lasted for 8-9 days 🙂

Throughout our trip I had the chance to face different situations, those won’t bore you with, but as a conclusion I’m here to post my main impression about the three neighboring countries.

– Russia is a huge country with relatively little number of people, population is being lower and lower each year due to different factors (from immigration to weak health care and drug addiction)
in Russia a lot of landscapes are being uninhibited, and the most of the people are living nowadays in the big cities such as Moscow and St.Petersburg, as much as Russia is being represented by just these two cities.
Russia is relatively expensive compared to Turkey and Georgia, and it has a huge problem with corruption!

– Georgia (a former soviet state) is a poor country, dreaming to join the EC but so far no luck, and it won’t be joining the union soon, not very different from the Russian style (No surprise), the government is paying attention to the main cities such as Tbilisi and Batumi, forgetting about the rest of the country that is being drowned in the dark, (literally no light-posts)
Roads are poor in quality and service but abundant in Police cars (FORD), trying to copy the American style here.

– Turkey is very beautiful and well serviced country, you clearly can notice that the government is trying its best to bring all the parts of the country above a specific standard, so huge differences are not being shown between the different cities.
Roads are well organized and high in quality. Police are not wide spread on the roads. I haven’t seen any accidents on the roads. People are friendly and love to help. (Not judging the other nations)

All of these countries have amazing nature ❤ , for nature lovers

After all, these are my opinions and could be right or wrong for other individuals,  you are most welcome to share yours.


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