The World’s Youngest Hyperpolyglot

Illustration by Dawn Kim/TED |

I always thought that watching the media is an absolute method to understand what is going on in other lands and countries, but after I’d taken my way to Russia to complete my studies I had firstly needed to learn Russian the thing that was expected, but while I was in the process of learning and gaining more vocabularies I’ve found myself in a position where I could easily understand what “REALLY IS GOING ON” I got to understand the culture, their ideas, their thoughts and the most interesting their jokes 😀
I can react when someone Russian get angry or sad, I could feel and support them better, I’m not specializing just the Russian language, but I’m trying to pass my experience to others! after a while, I started to feel since I know 4 languages, which is normal to many people , that some words are meant to be spoken exclusively in Russian like the word “уже” for instance and the word “хотя бы”, at the same time, a lot of words are meant to be spoken in English such as “non-sense”, plus speaking other words in a language but Arabic would be a sin (metaphorically) as “لا تقولا”, not to forget my mother tongue, Circassian or as we call it “Адыгэбзэ” – “Бзэ зымIэр лъэпкъ йIэп”

Recently I’ve found a very interesting short article that is worth to be “Pocket” and shared, about a young guy who had learn 20 languages, After reading the article I made a conclusion that I am actually a fleunt speaker in 4 languages, and planing to add a new language to my list )) “German”, because I believe that if you want to get an information, get it in its original language, because translation always loses the “feeling” of the “real meaning”.
Why I taught myself 20 languages — and what I learned about myself in the process


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