Finally, graduation now WHAT?

I’ve been busy in the last period, preparing for my exams of the last year, thankfully I’ve passed them and got my M.D so officially now I became a DOCTOR 😀 😀 very excited for the new period of my life :pP I will save no effort trying to bring even the most little difference into medicine, I believe that technology & medicine can move mountains, and bring the impossible true 😀 with this faith, I’m going to do my best in order to leave something in these fields 😀

for now, I’m having some appetite to bring up a new business into life, hadn’t think about the idea yet, but I know it is there somewhere 🙂 and since I’ve got my university finished, I’m totally free and ready to do some business, that is if you have an idea of a program or site and want a partner or serious developer don’t hesitate to contact me and talk about your program, ready to do some hardcore in PHP, JS, MySQL …. in short, (dynamical web-portals) from the front-end design to the most deep structures of the site.


Thank you.