It’s been 5 years after the first voices were raised against Assad’s regime.

I was afraid, for myself for my family my beloved friends that could have been killed by different parties, Why should a population of 25 million suffer for minority of groups around the world..

I always had and have faith that things are going to get better, I wish that one day I’m gonna go to sleep with hope that next morning I will wake up hearing that all my friends, families and people are hitting the way back towards peaceful Syria



Please, be fair to my religion, as I was to yours!

Nowadays a lot of people are looking at Islam and Muslims by the eye of suspension, of course the media and the west policy’s agenda play the major role in this demonstration and help to wide spread the ideology that all Muslims are terrorists, but shouldn’t we be more educated and more enlightened about this religion and the culture that seed more than 13 century back in the history!? I really feel sad when I hear the racist voices of some politicians, but I feel more sorry for them, because if it was one thing for sure, it is the voice of hateful that destroys ,the most, the soul of the beholder. we all have suffered from these speeches, Jews, Christians, Buddhists and today Muslims.
Black, yellow or white! does it really matter? doesn’t the diversity which makes the communities more successful and productive?

Now here is a beautiful speech of 5 minutes in English in Munich-Germany for the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Adel Al-Jubeir, I strongly recommend you to watch it.