Lately I was reading some physiology notes and watching some lectures, of course in the medical school we’ve been taught alot about both the normal and pathological physiology of the human being, but it is still magnificent how much you can learn further with some efforts and time, now what I really wanted to share is that lately after hours and hours of thinking and staring at different diagrams I came to a conclusion, I nowadays do not really believe in Evolution as a theory of the existence of our kind!

Simply, I can’t really absorb the idea that such a beautiful thing as me, as the human body as each one of us, with this fantastic systems and algorithms from Fight & Flight to hormones and mechanisms of surviving, that such a compatible systems working together were suddenly created randomly from collision of atoms of different amounts of different substances out of infinite amounts of nothingness..

We must have been designed, and I think our job is to know the real purpose and give our existence a real meaning.


Advices during USMLE Step 1 preparation!

What’s up guys!

Throughout my preparation of the first step of the boards I am going to post some ideas and advices that may help you or give you a hint toward better preparation and good handling of the material.

Let me start with Physiology, I am going to talk about things that I have been through, and my opinion may not necessarily fit you!

I am using Kaplan Video Lectures 2010 to build a fundamental base and to refresh some concepts!

Straight forward hit the lectures of Dr.Conrad Fischer, this man knows absolutely alot and he has talent of teaching, he may become a bit boring over some ideas and concepts during explanation, but in General, I assure you that you will get most of the concepts and you won’t feel the length of the lecture, sometimes he integrates some stories during the lecture and makes it really fun to gasp and apply!

Dr. Wazir Kudrath, Best of the best!! You have to watch his cardiology and respiratory courses , explains everything in a very simple and nice way, that will help you to remember and the best is to understand what really is going on there, You probably will never get bored of his lectures, I did not!
Actually i wish he had done all physiology lectures of kaplan, very nice way to explain doesn’t bore you with the story, and always integrates his fairy friend “Mr.Jones” as a patient 😀 Best of the Best!

Dr.Robert B Dunn, now among them all, Dunn’s lectures are the worst if not EVER!
Dr.Dunn doesn’t integrate any stories nor hypothetical situations, never, speaks MONOTONICALLY which really killed me and drained me out, he may know alot, but the way he is trying to teach is meaningless or further useless!! I couldn’t complete the whole course and skipped couple of videos ‘cuz I always lose my focus in the middle!! shortly, I don’t recommend his videos at ALL, the good thing is that he does just the renal physiology! so, I think you can survive and ace the concepts hitting the text-book and surfing in YouTube.

That’s all folks for now, I will post later as I collide with new things

Peace out!

I’m adopting a new habit of READING!

I used to read different kind of books, variety of economic to history in addition to some novels here and there, some of them I really enjoyed reading and planned to go throughout them one more time, but today I came up with new IDEA )) I will be posting the title of the book I read in addition to some quotes from the text and a general idea (recommend to read or regret that read).

I won’t be having much time to read of course since most of the time will be dedicated to my studies, but I am sure that some reading won’t affect my schedule! on the contrast )) so, wish me luck and do not hesitate to recommend some good books )) I will appreciate that!

Circassians and Circassia

The Circassians are a North Caucasian ethnic group[19] native to Circassia, who were displaced in the course of the Russian conquest of the Caucasus in the 19th century, especially after the Russian–Circassian War in 1864. The term “Circassian” includes the Adyghe (Circassian: Адыгэ, Adyge) and Kabardian people.[20]

The Circassians mainly speak the Circassian language, a Northwest Caucasian language with numerous dialects. The Circassians also speak Turkish and Arabic in large numbers and various other languages of the Middle East, having been exiled by Russia to lands of the Ottoman Empire, where the majority of them today live, and to a lesser extent neighboring Persia, where most of them came either deported en masse by the Safavids and Qajars, or to a lesser extent as muhajirs in the 19th century like in Ottoman Turkey.[21][22][23][24][25] The predominant religion amongst Circassians is Sunni Islam, Minority Habze, Orthodox Christian and Catholic.

There remain about 700,000 Circassians in historical Circassia (the republics of Adygea, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, and the southern half of Krasnodar Krai), as well as a number in the Russian Federation outside these republics. The 2010 Russian Census recorded 718,727 Circassians, of which 516,826 are Kabardians, 124,835 are Adyghe proper, 73,184 are Cherkess and 3,882 Shapsugs.[6]

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization estimates that there are as many as 3.7 million “ethnic Circassians” in the diaspora outside the Circassian republics (meaning that only one in seven “ethnic Circassians” lives in the homeland), of whom about 2 million live in Turkey, 700,000 in the Russian Federation, about 150,000 in the Levant and Mesopotamia, and about 50,000 in Europe and the United States.


The best way to get CREATIVE ideas is by WALKING!

The Science of Inspiration (and How to Make It Work for You)

A lot of us are searching in some parts of our lives for creative ideas, we try all kinds of inspiration setting techniques but no luck, either if we were searching for a new idea in our job, or just trying to come up with something creative to invest it, in both ways a lot of us collide into a barrier, like your mind is surrounded by a membrane which prevents any idea (the best of them at least) to enter!
Well, if that did not happen to you, it did to me 😦 Not long ago I got to read an article about walking, and I decided to give it a try  for a period, I won’t tell you that by walking I got “the million box idea” but it surely helped me to recycle my ideas and reform new ones, in simple words this walking thing ,when I collide with a barrier, got me to bypass around some obstacles which is good thing in a search for a creative idea.

Why you should go for a walk when you need creative inspiration

Finally, graduation now WHAT?

I’ve been busy in the last period, preparing for my exams of the last year, thankfully I’ve passed them and got my M.D so officially now I became a DOCTOR 😀 😀 very excited for the new period of my life :pP I will save no effort trying to bring even the most little difference into medicine, I believe that technology & medicine can move mountains, and bring the impossible true 😀 with this faith, I’m going to do my best in order to leave something in these fields 😀

for now, I’m having some appetite to bring up a new business into life, hadn’t think about the idea yet, but I know it is there somewhere 🙂 and since I’ve got my university finished, I’m totally free and ready to do some business, that is if you have an idea of a program or site and want a partner or serious developer don’t hesitate to contact me and talk about your program, ready to do some hardcore in PHP, JS, MySQL …. in short, (dynamical web-portals) from the front-end design to the most deep structures of the site.


Thank you.