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Update: 30/07/2015

2015-23-7--01-09-34 2015-23-7--01-10-59 2015-23-7--01-12-03 2015-23-7--01-05-04 2015-23-7--01-07-36


I am not a professional photographer!!, so let’s set this first, Do not expect to see high-resolution, creative photos!! :pP These photos are taken by an ordinary Samsung F2.5 Digital Camera, by my point of view.

I do photographing as a hobby, so it’s that simple, I see something interesting 😀 I shoot it, I upload it!! ))
for more onthego photos, check out my instagram
P.S: Photos are edited by PicsArt

2015-10-7--19-21-23 2015-10-7--19-19-22 2015-10-7--19-17-05 2015-10-7--19-23-03 2015-10-7--19-25-18 2015-10-7--19-14-08

2015-17-4--06-19-32 2015-17-4--06-18-34 2015-17-4--06-16-48 2015-17-4--06-24-42 11008141_955409011150352_1352863045_n 11055428_765634700211456_1925963159_n 11017556_835798699833585_92426085_n 11032899_602478193220636_1674185111_n 11049188_816242888457328_264733107_n


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