Precious lesson to be learnt from Steve Jobs!!


Steve Jobs was not only a computer genius, but he was also a brilliant leader of one of the world’s most popular company “Apple”, The smart that lies behind that modest look is surely the most important reason for the success of this man!

A very interesting article I found, speaks about how the brain can and should be trained in order to reveal and explore new dimensions in different aspects of our lives, I ain’t be copyin’ the article here but I will leave the link down below, check it out, it could have a lot of benefits for lots of us 🙂 🙂
How Steve Jobs Trained His Brain

P.S: don’t escape the video at the bottom of the article, it has a very important advice ))


The Memory Palace

Not long ago, I have been reading a book “Memory” for Johnathan K Foster, I was interested in the mechanism of how our brains create our memory and how the last develops to be stronger or just keeps fading away until it goes for good.

as my interest drove me forwards I found myself searching the internet about memory and its secrets and I found an article about something called “The memory palace” ,yep, it is the same mechanism that was presented in BBC most famous series “Sherlock Holmes”, I can’t wait to try this new technique out and see if it will fit me..