Teaching computers to understand pictures (TED.COM)

A very heart taking TED lecture about how we can teach computers to see today, in order to help us to see better in the future..

How we are teaching computers to understand pictures


“If you want to win, Stick to the basics!”


I’ve heard this sentence in “Grey’s Anatomy”, I can’t remember the season or the episode of course, but the phrase was said by the chief while he was speaking with Cristina.

I was lately struggling with a pile of codes on one of my projects, then it came into my mind, I believe it does make sense! well, let’s talk about medicine for example, since I’m a medicine student, you cannot even think about clinics “Correctly” or about pathology if you were not aware of the basic anatomy and physiology and a bit of histology, since these three subjects make the fundamental base of rest of the subjects such as pathological anatomy!!

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Why coding is that important?


In the last 10 years, coding and computer sciences have taken their way into the best paid 10 jobs world wide, computer sciences lately invaded all aspects of our lives, that imagining our lives without (a morning check of the email inbox, reading the head lines in the bus while heading to the office or the school, Googling the nearest or best served restaurants in the area) is becoming so difficult or even unbearable for most of us.

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