So, since we are talking about banning..

I’m not sure if you -the readers- are aware of these short facts, but allow me to illuminate you with some tremendous info that may change your opinion or re-shape it (knowledge itself is power)..

About the executive decision made by President Trump, did you know that non of the these 7 countries citizens were accused or participated in any kind of terror attacks on the U.S soil or other countries!

Do you know, that the hijackers in September 11th came from 4 countries which have never been banned from entering the U.S no matter what media says! and these countries are:


Now, take a moment and think.. Does that make any sense?? The U.S embassies around the world have very critical orders even BEFORE the ban not to approve any visa for any SYRIAN, I had alot of my friends who tried to apply for the visa more than once, and most of them had their families or part of their families in the U.S already long time ago .. Any logic??

Ok, what I am suggesting is very simple..

Instead of treating the symptoms of the disease why do not you treat the etiology (core) of the disease, Take the dictator and the whole regime down -by the way you did it multiple times in Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya and other places, put the country under the control of the U.N multinational military forces and establish new elections with new government, by this way at least you won’t have that much of refugees fleeing their country (we are talking about Syria).
Unless you do not want this problem to be solved! but rather, to server your hidden agenda .. and putting all the blame on the refugees who are by the way no more than peaceful people who want to live in peace and if not the war non of them would have had the tinniest idea of leaving his house and land and tried somehow to settle and raise his children in Detroit or Hamburg ..

Did you know that neither Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait nor Qatar (The majority of Arabic or Persian Gulf, no matter what you call it) ,since the beginning of the war, have issued any kind of travel or protective status (asylum or refugee status) to any non-war zone seeker??  even though that they share the same religion and language and heritage and culture like Syrians .. they never accepted any refugee, they are no more but war dealer and excuse me for generalizing but even if your (King) or (Prince) or (Government) did not want to aid these poor people and give them a place to stay in -cuz frankly these countries carry some responsibility of destruction in Syria as they flooded the region with militia and weapons- even if that happened, I’ve never heard of any protestors in the upper countries, demanding to help their brothers who are suffering on the other side of the Middle East.. on the contrary, we saw tons of marches and protests in European countries who do not know much about the Middle East but the fact that there are people being slaughtered by groups of savages ..

they put the money to start wars and destroy countries and at the end they come and say that they are the main representatives of Islam… believe me, these people are no more but Beduins, who -by nothing but the chance- happened to discover some oil underground and became wealthy, but still this will end some day soon, they produce nothing, they have no decent educational systems, most of their professors and doctors and engineers are imported from overseas…

Sorry for taking the topic further than what it should, I leave you know by yourself to decide who the innocent is and who the butcher is .. and again, I’m not trying to convince any one to adopt any kind of opinions, I’m here just to list some factoids, away from the bought media, Let’s thank WordPress for allowing us to participate in spreading the truth…


Everyone has his/her own version of the story

Today I bet every single one of us knows what is going on in Syria, either watched in TV or heard in school, but do we know what is really taking place there? I mean come on, lets use our minds and try to analyze and break down everything to its initial particles, OK, escaping philosophy, knowing thing is by definition means understanding and being aware of it, and in order to know a thing you have either physically to interact with it or feel it or at least have a sense of it. Today about 90% of the things we know are being transferred to us by MEDIA, and we take for granted that what they are showing is true and we start to reshape our feelings and actions depending on what we are being told or “injected unconsciously” ..
That is applied on everything, in each aspect of our lives, so for instance! you hear that the US troops are fighting terrorists in the other part of the world, but let’s be serious, who told you that is the truth?? most of that comes from the media right!?
I spend part of my morning coffee time reading news in Russian, English and Arabic; from what I have seen every version of the news differs significantly and each version is directed towards group of people, so think twice before judging and taking sides.The same thing can be applied on the Syrian war, where everyone is trying to show that he is fighting for the right side.