Work. Walk 5 Minutes. Work again

As I mentioned in an earlier post, walking has tremendous effect on our health, from reducing risk of obesity and associated states, to prevent diabetes mellitus type II and decelerating the development of atherosclerosis… new study shows that walking just about 5 minutes at the beginning of every working hour to be a total of 30 minutes walk during a workday would influence positively your productivity, concentration and in addition reducing the dull hunger pangs that usually hit at the middle of the day which is the total opposite of what we’d expect to have..

very interesting post I’d like to share with you, can’t copy because of the copyrights, so I’m gonna share the link down below 🙂


The best way to get CREATIVE ideas is by WALKING!

The Science of Inspiration (and How to Make It Work for You)

A lot of us are searching in some parts of our lives for creative ideas, we try all kinds of inspiration setting techniques but no luck, either if we were searching for a new idea in our job, or just trying to come up with something creative to invest it, in both ways a lot of us collide into a barrier, like your mind is surrounded by a membrane which prevents any idea (the best of them at least) to enter!
Well, if that did not happen to you, it did to me 😦 Not long ago I got to read an article about walking, and I decided to give it a try  for a period, I won’t tell you that by walking I got “the million box idea” but it surely helped me to recycle my ideas and reform new ones, in simple words this walking thing ,when I collide with a barrier, got me to bypass around some obstacles which is good thing in a search for a creative idea.

Why you should go for a walk when you need creative inspiration