Everyone has his/her own version of the story

Today I bet every single one of us knows what is going on in Syria, either watched in TV or heard in school, but do we know what is really taking place there? I mean come on, lets use our minds and try to analyze and break down everything to its initial particles, OK, escaping philosophy, knowing thing is by definition means understanding and being aware of it, and in order to know a thing you have either physically to interact with it or feel it or at least have a sense of it. Today about 90% of the things we know are being transferred to us by MEDIA, and we take for granted that what they are showing is true and we start to reshape our feelings and actions depending on what we are being told or “injected unconsciously” ..
That is applied on everything, in each aspect of our lives, so for instance! you hear that the US troops are fighting terrorists in the other part of the world, but let’s be serious, who told you that is the truth?? most of that comes from the media right!?
I spend part of my morning coffee time reading news in Russian, English and Arabic; from what I have seen every version of the news differs significantly and each version is directed towards group of people, so think twice before judging and taking sides.The same thing can be applied on the Syrian war, where everyone is trying to show that he is fighting for the right side.





It’s been 5 years after the first voices were raised against Assad’s regime.

I was afraid, for myself for my family my beloved friends that could have been killed by different parties, Why should a population of 25 million suffer for minority of groups around the world..

I always had and have faith that things are going to get better, I wish that one day I’m gonna go to sleep with hope that next morning I will wake up hearing that all my friends, families and people are hitting the way back towards peaceful Syria


Why do people die young?

Although factors differ, death is one!, among the young population death plays an important role in the definition of the nation, so, nations with more young population are considered as young nations, and on the other hand, when old people make the larger part of the nation, this nation is considered as an old one.

Here are some interesting facts about death among the young, it comes from the Global Burden of Disease study, whose 2013 installment was released just a few weeks ago.

lost years of life